FRETE GRÁTIS para o Estado de São Paulo


Fraspaper is located in the municipality of Jaú, in the interior of São Paulo, and is currently considered the best manufacturer of custom boxes, specializing in small and medium print runs. We offer a range of creative and innovative solutions for customizing packaging or boxes for your brand.

Our packaging features a distinctive design, as well as finishing, ensuring greater security when transporting items. This adds increasing credibility to the market and consumers.

We also utilize the most technological printing process, CTP (Computer to Plate), which eliminates the need for film and leaves the final images with much higher quality. This means delivering a service with extremely high quality to you.

In addition to all these advantages, largely due to the company’s location, we are able to serve all regions of the state of São Paulo and beyond, as shipping does not make the final product more expensive.

Nossas embalagens possuem um design diferenciado, assim como o acabamento, garantindo mais segurança no momento de transportar os itens. Isso agrega cada vez mais credibilidade perante ao mercado e consumidores.

Também utilizamos o processo mais tecnológico de impressão, o CTP (Computer to Plate), que dispensa o fotolito e deixa as imagens finais com muito mais qualidade. Isso significa   a entrega de um serviço com extrema qualidade para você. 

Além de todos esses diferenciais,muito por conta da localização da empresa, conseguimos atender todas as regiões do Estado de São Paulo e de fora, pois o envio não deixa o produto final mais caro.

Uma parte do mapa do Brasil estilo lupa, mostrando a localização da fábrica da Fraspaper, no Estado do São Paulo.
Imagem do punho de uma pessoa na fábrica, segurando um tipo de papel para montar uma caixa.


We are an organization that values sustainability and is concerned about the unrestrained use of natural resources, aiming for the well-being of future generations. That is why we produce custom boxes and packaging using materials that are 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and sourced from reforestation projects.

Our boxes are also produced in dimensions, formats, and strengths that meet the needs of each client. The paper models we offer as options are as follows:

How can Fraspaper products help your business?

Fraspaper’s custom boxes and packaging add value to your business as they are developed with creative design and distinctive finishing, providing a better experience for customers. After all, packaging is also part of the potential for engagement, loyalty, and attracting new customers.

Because they are custom boxes, our solutions will also assist you in everyday use, such as stock storage and organization. This ensures the protection of the products inside the boxes and packaging.

Homem utilizando uma empilhadeira para organizar as caixas brancas, dentro da fábrica.
Imagem mostra braços e parte do corpo de um homem trabalhando na montagem de uma caixa. Ele está com uma camiseta azul da Fraspaper


The manufacturing of custom or standard Fraspaper boxes offers a range of model options. These packages come with or without distinctive finishing, with custom die-cutting and creasing or without printing. You choose the characteristics that can meet your needs and expectations. Thus, our boxes and packaging provide unique experiences to your customers.

Our work aims for expansion, so we manufacture boxes and packaging for various types of products such as food, cosmetics, clothing, electronics, and much more. Get in touch with us and discover our solutions for your business. At Fraspaper, your brand receives all our care and attention.